Kimmie and Conner



Kimmie and Conner are littermates from Honey's first litter.  They both show every sign of having inherited their father's glamour and, hopefully, a good bit of their mother's lovely structure and movement.

On the left, Kimmie is quite a bit smaller than her two littermates. I think she will wind up with sufficient heft and bone -- but also I think she will turn out to be small and feminine. She is a lively little thing who holds her own well against her larger brother and sister. Born socialized, she is very brave and doesn't hesitate a second before exploring any new environment. She is also a lap puppy who, given a chance, always climbs into your lap to fall asleep.

On the right, Conner is the adorable little boy with the mustache mark. He looks a great deal like his father and I hope will wind up just as glamorous. He's heavier than Kimmie, but I suspect he will also turn out on the small side for the breed. Like Kimmie, he is extremely brave, always willing to explore new places and make new friends.

Here they are as little puppies, five weeks old --





AKC and CKCSC Ch Fox Creek Hear Me Roar! JW

AKC and CKCSC Ch. Pascavale Jackson  

AKC and CKCSC Ch. Miletree Constellation



Pascavale Sapphire


AKC Ch Sheeba Royal Expression at Fox Creek


AKC Grand Ch Sheeba Espresso



Sheeba Hot Topic


Anara Kimberlyn Rose


Anara Konstantine


AKC Ch. Anara Honeysuckle Rose

AKC and CKCSC Ch Truluv Kiss N Tell of Jayba, JW, ROM


AKC and CKCSC Ch. Miletree Macnab



Eng Ch. Truluv Kissamee


AKC Ch. Roycroft Kenya Cameroon  

AKC and CKCSC SCh. Sanickro Enchanter of Heartsong



Kilbrook Honeysuckle Rose